Aching To See Fairies?

  • Time to read 2 minutes
Bryce canyon national park

When we ache to see fairies we’re aching for the numinous. Aching to move out of our sense of separation. To come home. To feel peaceful and expansive. To be at one with all living things. So how to make a conscious connection with fairies, or have you made it already without even realising it? Have you inadvertently tiptoed around the fringes of the healing world of fairies?

Every time your soul soars to see a sunset, a snowflake, a drop of dew. Every time your heart dances to stare up at the milky way. Every time you’re moved to see a tiny plant struggle through the crack in a pavement. To see the beauty in a rock or stone or tree, you’re nudged out of your everyday reality. Your vibrations are raised and for an instant you’re in that transcendent space where you so long to be. You touch for an instant that heightened space where fairies live. The place of all possibilities.

Here’s the miracle. Something I’ve recently learned.

Sometimes, more frequently than we realise, the spirits of rocks and trees and plants make themselves known to us. They do so in astonishing ways. Let me tell you about one way, which has moved me so.

Have you got out your photos lately? Photos of places in nature you love? If so, have you looked closely at the rocks or trees or plants you’ve captured there? If you haven’t, then perhaps you need to get your photos out and take a closer look, as you may just see a spirit presence there.

If you do glimpse the spirit of a rock or tree, it has come to remind you of the vastness, the majesty of all in this vast universe you’re connected to. Fairies draw close to help heal us. To reconnect us. They draw close so we can assist in helping our planet. Too often we make it hard for them to capture our attention.

While we’re busy with our personal dramas and disappointments and everything else that distracts us, they tirelessly tend creation. They tend the birthing, flourishing, healing and death of each and every living thing, perpetuating the never-ending cycle of life.

So where can we see fairy figures?

When I set up this blog, I needed a visual for the blog banner, so I looked back through photos I’d taken at a beach I loved. A beach I discovered had long been known by our indigenous brothers and sisters as a healing place. I’d been going to this beach for years, whenever I was stressed or feeling down. When I learned how special this place was, I suddenly saw how it was my healing place too, and began to honour it as a truly sacred place.

I chose the photo from a rock face at that beach for the banner of my blog. I took the photo you now see, as I’ve always loved textures. I had to crop the photo to fit the space. It was only when I was done, I saw the spirit being looking back at me, ever wise. Can you see that special being up on the left? He looks like a little like a head and shoulders of Gandalf.

I see this majestic rock spirit now as guardian of all the good we seek to share here. I’ve been back to my healing place, but have never yet seen this spirit there. I can almost hear him saying, ‘You already have my attention. Get on with what needs doing, and don’t get stuck on needing constant assurances.’

In this blog photo is another little miracle. We were in America. In the great south western desert and again I took a series of photos loving the formations there. I was giving a talk on how much deserts can open us up spiritually, and had this image up on screen, when someone in the audience said, ‘Look at all the spirit faces’, and turning I saw them too.

So why not go back to your own photos, and see who waits patiently for you there. See who has come to re-awaken your sense of connection with all living things. Once this connection is made, begin to carefully observe the wisdom that awaits you there – precious gifts for your own healing and that of others.

Knowing of all this potential, it’s no surprise we ache to connect with fairies. Once we have made that beautiful, often understated connection our perceptions and priorities change. How could they not when we are connected back into the heart of creation?