When We Become Strangers

When We Become Strangers


After decades of affluence, we’re busy renovating our homes, buffing and botoxing our bodies, and losing ourselves in passive entertainment and shopping, as depression and anxiety soar.

And with the arrival of Netflix and Uber Eats, there’s less and less incentive to leave home. Could our constant need for connection be messing with our brains? Is this why we’re losing our ability to strike up a conversation with anyone we don’t know? And given that so many of our kids lack one-on-one attention and regular touch, are we raising this new generation to be profoundly lonely?

Right now, many of our relationships at home and at work, as well as in our communities are struggling. What, then, are the best ways back to belonging, and what might a more engaged community look like?

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When We Become Strangers encapsulates the workings of our modern world. It’s an intuitive read, examining issues of our time, consumerism, loneliness, social media fixation, greed and the rule of technology on our kids. It prompts the reader to behold the future with eyes wide open, enjoying a sense of wisdom and faith.
Lisa Friedlander, Sales and Leadership Coach

As a therapist and social worker, I know firsthand the impact of estrangement on children, teenagers, families, communities and workplaces. Maggie restores hope and gives simple, practical steps we can all take to feel safe and connected, as we build a new way of living and turn around the estrangement we all feel.
Katrina Cavanough, CEO, The Kindness On Purpose Movement

Maggie has again, done what she does best, placed a microscope over modern society and looked closely at who, what and how we are. Her wisdom, research and interviews uncover the complex realities of life in the 2020s. But rather than being a tale of despair, Maggie’s reflections and myriad strategies create a vision of hope.’ When We Become Strangers is a book every person should read.
Andrew Lines, Creator/Director, The Rite Journey

I loved this book. An invaluable roadmap for envisioning a new society that builds connection back into community. It calls for us to slow down, to rethink the frenzied pace, and reignite the power of the human spirit.
Aimee Davies, Author of Imperfect