The Secret of Rocks and Stones

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Cathedral gorge state park

As we delve deeper into the world of fairies, we come to appreciate what fairies and their over-lighting devas have always known – how astonishingly intricate our world is, that in essence we’re living in a sea or miracles. Some time ago I met druid Ivan McBeth, who until he passed away last month, devoted his time to building standing stones, some of which are up to twenty tonnes in weight. Ivan describes standing stones as ancient technology, designed to create a profoundly sacred space.

Put simply standing stones enable life-enhancing energies to be magnified in and around them. They not only benefit all who enter the stone circle, they can have a positive effect on all the living things in the surrounding area. Early on in his work Ivan and his team were have great difficulty getting one particular rock to move along the wooden rollers to its final resting place. One of the group suggested they tune into the rock, to explain their sacred purpose and enlist the support of the rock. They did this. Then, to their surprise, the rock slid down the wooden rollers with ease, and into its upright position. Through his work with giant pieces of rock, Ivan has learned from rocks how shy they are. They much prefer to sleep in the ground, but they’re happy to be placed in a more exposed position for a sacred purpose. What possibilities are here for each of us to ponder?