Sacred Places To Visit

When we enter holy space, we have the capacity to become whole. Discover places you too can visit.

Sacred Sites of Israel
August 20, 2017

Landscape is powerful. It has the capacity to inspire like little else, to connect us to all that is sacred within…

St James' Church Children's Chapel
April 03, 2017

Every city has places that quietly yet powerfully uplift us, enabling us to recalibrate, rebalance, move along.…

April 02, 2017

I never expected to fall in love with deserts. They’d always seemed so barren and inhospitable. Devoid of nurture,…

Sacred Lotus
March 21, 2017

We know when we need sacred space. We feel the ache of it deep in our soul. It often manifests as a profound…

Montezuma Castle National Monument
March 20, 2017

Sacred places are holy places. Places that have the capacity to make us whole. Locations which lift us out of the…