What’s Happening To Our Girls?

What’s Happening To Our Girls?


Too much, Too soon, How our kids are overstimulated, oversold and oversexed.

In a few short years our girls have become vulnerable. Why are girls as young as five concerned about their looks and addicted to shopping? Why binge-drink so young? What’s the appeal of social media? Why all the online bullying? Why are depression, cutting and eating disorders on the rise? Informed, revealing, compassionate and at times shocking, What’s Happening to Our Girls? is a book for all those who want to better understand and support this new generation of girls.

Podcast - Maggie In Conversation with Richard Fidler, ABC Radio


"As Maggie shows in this great book, as fathers and mothers we don't know it all. If we want to find real solutions for our girls, we need to really listen to our daughters."
Stephen Boston, father

"What’s Happening to Our Girls? moves parenting into the twenty-first century by highlighting the power of outside forces in shaping the personalities, morality and ultimate wellbeing of our daughters ...."
Bill O’Hehir, senior psychologist.

"Having worked with men and boys for 20 years, I was amazed, fascinated and quite horrified to read such a succinct and well-documented account of all the issues facing girls today."
Dr Arne Rubinstein MBBS, FRACGP, CEO, Pathways Foundation.