Inside The Secret Life of Fairies


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There’s a lot written about fairies, but little about how to connect with them, so let me show you how to build a lasting bridge to their world.

Come step into the living heart of Nature, and experience all that awaits you there. Hear from a whole range of people – busy professionals, artists and stay-at-home mums – of their profound fairy experiences.

See how even if you live in a big city, you can access the breath-taking beauty and wisdom the world of the fairy offers. Learn how to recognise the signs you are about to ‘cross over’.

Discover the deep magic of in-between places and spaces. Learn about how the land holds an imprint of our stories - yours and mine – through time. And read about how those with sad or difficult childhoods were often helped by a fairy figure who comforted and reassured them.

Then as you begin to connect deeply with the web of life, some part of you will be healed.

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Inside The Secret Life of Fairies