Developing Fairy Relationships

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Fairies appear in our lives in a multitude of ways. ‘Many traditional cultures have sensed the presence of spirits in nature,’ tells British healer and researcher David Furlong. ‘Japan’s Shinto religion specifically worships the spirits of place, the Kami, which reside in rocks and caves. The beings inhabiting these realms are just as conscious as you and I, though they have a different way of connecting to the physical world.’

‘If you so wish, can build a complete trust with beings from these realms you will find that specific elemental spirits will come and work with you and be with you for the rest of your life. Once this occurs you ability to be able to help balance and heal some of the problems on the Earth is enormously increased. These beings will attach themselves into your auric field and although they can move independently away from you if they choose or you give them a specific task they generally stay close by you all of the time. They also benefit from this connection by gaining experiences through you. If this happens to you, do spend time building a rapport with them, asking them to tell you all about their realm and previous experiences.’

‘A friend acquired the help of a fire elemental or Salamander was alone in a carriage on the tube late one evening when an aggressive individual got in and approached in a threatening way demanding her bag. Terrified she called inwardly on the help of her elemental companion, and instantly the man stepped back and started to scream saying that his face was on fire. At the next station he jumped out of the carriage and disappeared up the platform. My friend was quite unharmed.’


‘In my own case my first such companion was an Earth elemental, which happened more than twenty-five years ago. His name is Guerrion and he has been my constant friend and ally ever since that time. Over the space of the next few years other spirits have come to join me, the next being an Air elemental, followed by Fire and then finally Water. They have been extraordinary companions and helpers in my exploration into their realms for which I am deeply grateful. Such beings enjoy being given tasks and there has been many occasions when running courses and workshops that they have been willing to connect with other people to give them a direct experience of accessing their realms. Guerrion has become quite a show-off and loves being the centre of attention when asked to make his presence felt.’

How Elemental Beings Can Work With Us
The types of tasks that these spirits take on is as follows:

  1. Earth elementals: Helpful with all forms of protection for property. Very good at in finding lost objects. Good at helping you acquire money or material possessions. Helpful in gardening and similar activities.
  2. Water elementals: Help provide emotional stability, or the ability to deal more openly with emotions. Will help cleanse and purify water. Will protect you or those associated with you when in contact with water activities, such as swimming and sailing.
  3. Air elementals: Will protect you when travelling, whether by car or plane. Good at helping you find information through books and such like and inducing mental clarity.
  4. Fire elementals: Powerful cleansers and protectors when carrying out earth healing activities, such as exorcisms. There is a tremendous power that comes from fire elementals that is very helpful in tackling all types of negative energy situations.

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David Furlong has been working as a healer, therapist and researcher for more than 40 years, and the author of six books including The Healer Within and Working With Earth Energies which details working with devas and elementals.