Dancing Through Fire

A sneak rundown of my new book

Aching for excitement and glamour, Rita disappears off to London just as the war is ending and meets crime boss Morrie Conley. Soon mixing it with film stars, foreign princes and racing car drivers, Rita becomes a much sought-after hostess at the exclusive Little Club. Drawn to Rita’s wild energy and appetite for adventure, Kate joins her friend in London, and after a few false starts enters the glittering world of fashion.

While their paths diverge, Rita and Kate remain close. One girl will meet a dashing aristocrat who, she is sure, is the answer to her dreams. The other will be implicated in a shocking murder.

As Kate and Rita struggle to understand this terrible incident, everything they know about themselves and each other is tested, impacting the lives of those they love for years to come.

Will their friendship last? Will they find their way through? And why when Anna, a young London journalist, comes across a sepia photo of Rita and Kate decades later, is her life turned upside down?

Dancing Through Fire is a powerful novel about the burden of secrets and how far some will go in the name of love. More details very soon.