Working With Weather Spirits And Elements

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Working With Weather Spirits And Elements

‘Even as a very small child I had a connection to the weather. I loved being outdoors. I’ve always felt safe and protected there, and need to be in Nature at least part of every day, even if only for ten minutes. This helps me unwind, feel cleansed and balanced. I’ve never felt afraid if I was alone in the woods as I feel a presence there, walking with me, protecting me. Until recently I did not consciously name this presence, but now know it is the fairies, the spirits of the plants, trees, rocks, waters, animals, and Nature spirits,’ Canadian meteorologist of 25 years Paul Gregory tells. ‘These spirits are happy and joyful when humans feel, acknowledge, respect, honour and walk with them. Their’s is a very healing feeling.’

As Paul’s relationship with Nature developed, the weather seemed to speak to him deep in his soul. ‘The weather’s always right there in front of me. I can feel and sense changes in the winds, see the changes in clouds, their colours and movements, their humidity levels, and the behaviour of the seagulls who move about 5 miles inland 6 to 12 hours before strong winds, pounding surf, and heavy precipitation. I’ve observed this on both the west coast of Canada where I grew up, and here on Canada’s east coast where I now live.

‘When we connect to the weather elements and spirits, they can give us ways and answers to help heal ourselves and the earth,’ Paul explains. ‘The ‘job’ of the weather in its many forms is to balance and harmonize the Earth. The weather spirits are alive, have feelings, and know when humans curse and feel negative towards the weather. Yet the weather knows what it’s doing, it is and is cyclical, coming back over and over.’

Until his retirement Paul did not realise that there was such things as weather spirits, though looking back he realises how often he used gut feelings and intuition along with science in his forecasts. Everything changed for him in the spring of 2007 when he met two shamans who told him how to work with weather spirits and Paul was ‘hooked’!

‘Climate change is disrupting long-term weather patterns. Some of this change is due to cosmic shift at this time, at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius when many global and cosmic shifts are taking place. However, the bigger problem here on Earth is that the weather has to work a lot harder, because of pollution, de-forestation, mining and unsustainable agribusiness practices. This means that storms have become stronger to right these imbalances. That’s why storms are more severe, more intense, causing more disruptions and destruction. We need to learn again how to respect, honour, and accept the weather, not to curse it or be negative about it. and reduce our individual carbon footprints and pollution of all types.’

‘There are weather spirits in the Upper World, Middle World, and the Lower World. This is the shamanic worldview I work with. The Middle World is the spirit dimension of the Earth. A parallel world. The spirits in this plane are the ones that work with Earth’s weather cycles on Earth. These are not ‘loving spirits’. They have a job to do no matter what.’ These spirits, a combination of air and cloud spirits combine when a storm is brewing to form clouds, cause winds and precipitation. Once the storm has developed my understanding is that a storm deva, the very powerful over-lighting spirit of storms to direct the further work of the storm. Their brief is so big they can’t involve themselves in minutiae, (that’s how our little human lives appear to them). They serve the greater good balancing powerful forces to keep the world a living thriving place.


‘These spirits are not easy to connect with. However, each storm has its own spirit to connect to. You can humbly, with a heartfelt intention, ask these spirits to keep the storm from causing too much flooding, snowfall, high winds, and keep power disruptions to a minimum, or even veer to bypass large cities, but be aware somewhere else will bear the brunt instead.’

It is much easier to journey and meditate with the weather Spirits in the Upper and Lower Spirit Worlds. This is like connecting and meditating with Angels, Fairies, and Nature Spirits. These spirits can mediate between the Middle World weather spirits and humans to help make storms less severe and intense. These more loving spirits can also show you how to use the various weather elements (rain, snow, fog, wind, thunder, lightning, clouds) to help you heal yourself, as well as the Earth.’

‘Journeying or meditating with these loving weather spirits enable you to travel spiritually, to a place where great storm destruction has occurred, see the damage and what needs to be done, and gain their help for you to send heartfelt healing energies to all the living things there. Each weather element also has it own healing energies and meditating with that particular element can heal a given part of your life.

Paul Opt
Former Canadian weather technician and forecaster Paul Gregory is an Earth and sound healer, and a reiki practitioner working with shamanic and ancient Celtic practices, along with faery energies to restore balance to individuals and to the Earth. Please see Paul’s website or Facebook page for his monthly weather messages and ways to use the weather elements to balance and harmonize your inner weather.