Aching for the Sacred?

  • Time to read 1 minute
Sacred Lotus

We know when we need sacred space. We feel the ache of it deep in our soul. It often manifests as a profound restlessness. A need to break out or move on from the where we’re at right at this moment. We yearn for renewal. For a vision that will make every part of us soar. To feel ‘cleaner’ inside. To travel lighter and with more direction. More purpose. We need to be some place else.

Deep down you’d love to be on a mountain top or desert island, walking in the woods or by a tranquil lake. But none of these are available to you right now. You feel bereft because you’ve forgotten that the sacred meets us everywhere.

Most of us live in cities and get overwhelmed with the crush of people and traffic, the noise, the speed at which everything moves, but in amongst all this, the sacred waits quietly for you to pay attention. To discover the sacred hotspots in your city. To benefit from them by visiting there. To enhance the healing light available to you there by blessing these places and asking they be filled with divine light, life and love, and that they may benefit all living things.

Though it may at first feel daunting, often it’s easy to discover the sacred places in your city. They’re the spaces that uplift you, enable your soul to sing. Too often they’re places we don’t visit very often. Become familiar with your sacred places. Spend time there. Take in the detail, as it’s in the detail where many blessings reside. Then it is that the sacred will open up to you and give you all that you need in this moment.

Sacred places tend to be quiet out-of-the way places. Places where you may have to look twice before you can appreciate the fullness of what you’re being offered. This sacred place may be a rock or tree in a nearby park, a small chapel, a tiny garden. Whatever it offers accept it gratefully. Allow it to fill you up and help you become whole again, because the world needs your wholeness.