4 Sacred Places in Sydney

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St James' Church Children's Chapel

Every city has places that quietly yet powerfully uplift us, enabling us to recalibrate, rebalance, move along. When we spend time in our city’s sacred places we help heal our fractured selves. We’re more awake to the world around us – to Nature, to others, to what makes our souls sing.

If you’re in need of a little inspiration and solace, head to the Children’s Chapel, in the crypt of St James Church, right in the city centre at 173 King St, close to Hyde Park. The art in this tiny chapel was designed to look like an illuminated book of old, is filled with angels and children, with Sydney Harbour in the 1920s as a backdrop .

For some Nature solace, why not head to Neilson Park, Greycliffe Avenue, Vaucluse, and lose yourself in the avenue of huge fig trees. There you can immerse yourself the weathered Sydney sandstone and intimate beach setting. I love Neilson Park, especially in winter when there’s few people around. A lady I met there one day told of how this place was known by Aboriginal people as ‘the healing place’. That’s what Neilson Park has always been for me, a healing place.